Company Overview

Information Technology has opened up a revolution in busines,but along with it has brought new challenges that require an organization to uncover the winning combination of IT and marketing strategy,yoking them all together to provide a business advantage.

Maple Technologiesis the leading strategic IT partner for companies across India - offering integrated IT solutions. We plan, deploy, sustain and maintain your IT lifecycle through our total outsourcing, consulting services, business solutions and professional services. Maple Technologies helps you drive momentum in your organization - no matter what domain you are in.


That is what we do at MAPLE TECHNOLOGIES. we have been committed for developing a business advantage for our customers through the effective use of IT. A leading systems integrator, MAPLE also has a experienced hand in managing critical projects on a national scale.We have played a key role in local developments and we will continue to build on to track that we have established. We are commited to long-term partnerships with our clients. And we bring to these partnerships a wealth of expertise as a one-stop source of business solutions.


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