In recent years, technology convergence has changed the business landscape. Are you at a technology crossroad?


Reassessing your approach to IT and debating the way forward? Don't get lost in the maze and lose your competitive advantage. If you're looking for a stable, premium technology services partner to help you navigate your business landscape, Maple Technologies has the skills and insight to accelerate your business growth.


From analysis to optimising selected areas of your IT infrastructure - our IT Services deliver improved efficiencies and enhance your competitive advantage. Our Services will improve your business-IT alignment and enable the achievement of your commercial objectives. How does it all work? The MAPLE Services Continuum is an end-to-end IT Services framework, designed to help you plan, build, support, manage, improve and innovate the full lifecycle of your IT infrastructure, thus delivering measurable, positive returns from IT investments.


Flexibility is the cornerstone of our value proposition. Our clients can engage with us at any point and in any order along our Services Continuum. At each stage, MAPLE uses proven methodologies and integrated toolsets, which are governed by industry best practices and international standards such as ITIL and CMM.

MAPLE has the flexibility and focus to bring enhancements to your business regardless of your maturity, size or technology legacy.






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