MAPLE will assist in identifying the business benefits of planned technology investments through:


  • In the Plan Service function, we apply our benchmarks and blueprints to assess the current state of your IT infrastructure and analyse your business so that we understand your unique challenges and business vision. We align these two elements and develop a conceptual design, along with a detailed business case to justify your technology investment.
      • »We begin with deploying Surveyor assessment service to take a real-time snapshot of the organisation's IT and business environments
    • »Through our consulting capability, we analyse your business issues as well as the industry and regulatory landscape to develop future plans and strategies.
    • »Our design capabilities ensure that the business and technical aspects of the solution address the required outcomes.
      • »By undertaking a thorough gap analysis, we will identify the most suitable roll-out approach and timeframe, and uncover any dependencies that may affect the deployment and performance of the solution.





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