MAPLE manages risks associated with IT projects when we deploy and implement technology. We pride ourselves on our ability to deliver:



  • In the Build Service function, we manage the full spectrum of procuring, integrating and deploying the underlying network and other technical solutions that support your business functions and executes on the IT technology component of your business vision, as you diversify and grow.


    Using Primer, our turnkey project management and solutions delivery service, we address your business challenges, from initial consultation to design and site preparation, from staging and piloting to logistics management and installation
        • »We source and install technology on your behalf for local, regional and global deployment.
        • »We can deliver your products anywhere, at any time, by leveraging our seamless regional procurement and logistics capabilities. .
          »We integrate our technology solution with your existing business and technical processes.

        » Throughout the deployment process, we are focused on introducing the new solution into the environment with minimal disruption to your existing operations.


    We deliver value through the effective management of project risk by ensuring the project is implemented on time and within budget






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